5 Tips for Chartering Private Jets

Many LUXE travellers prefer chartering private jets instead of taking commercial flights. LUXE Travel has been assisting our discerning private clients book private aircrafts for a decade, and we've picked up a few tips along the way.

Here are five tips to improve your experience:

1. Choose a Reputable Broker, like LUXE

A good charter broker, like LUXE, will get the right price and provide you with a hassle free and well-planned flight experience.

There are so many charter industry rules and regulations to navigate, so it makes sense to partner with a charter broker to manage things for you. With LUXE, you will not only get proper knowledge about the regulations but also benefit from our extensive contacts with charter workers. LUXE is both IATA and ATAS accredited.

2. Choose the Right Aircraft

Choosing the right aircraft can be difficult, especially given the vast options to choose from. You have to select one that offers the correct features, range, and capacity that is required for your trip.

Once you are sure about the number of seats you need and your destination, LUXE can propose the most suitable aircraft for you.

3. Book Ahead

There is often huge demand for certain aircrafts, so you need to book as early as you can. This helps make sure you get the aircraft you want. Booking early can also help you get the best hire price possible.

LUXE's parent company, The SJE Group, has equity ownership in several airlines that operate luxury private jets. LUXE clients can benefit from this, subject to availability and demand.

4. Specify What You Need

Luxury private aircraft hire is all about customisation; something you can't do on commercial flights. You can do and have (just about) anything you want on a private jet. Whether you want exceptional food or want to take your pet with you, LUXE will make it happen. Just specify your needs to your personal LUXE Concierge.

5. Use Smaller Airports

With private jets, you're not limited to just the major airports that commercial carriers must use. As a private jet client, you will come to know that there is a big range of smaller airports that are a lot more convenient and pleasant. 

The smaller airports are well equipped to manage private aircraft traffic. They also provide many other benefits including less congestion, less tedious security checks, fewer fees, proximity to your destination, and more options for remote areas.

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